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Short Description:

Packet Inspector is a multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for LANs.
It supports active dissection of many protocols and currently detects more than 5500 protocols (even the Swiss Bank ones) and includes many features for Network Intrusion Detection.

Cool Features:

Detects a very large number of Protocols : The Program currently detects more than 5500 different protocols some of which are used only in seldom

Packet filtering: You can set up a filter that searchs for a particular string (even hex or ascii ) in packets and capture only that packet.Packet filtering is done on the basis of Source MAC,Dest MAC,Source IP,Dest IP,Source PORT,Dest PORT,strings in HEX or ASCII form or PROTOCOLS.Packet filtering is also done on the basis of TCP flags.

Plug-ins support : You can create your own plugins in Visual BASIC .NET.

TCP Session Reconstruction : The Program is able to recontruct TCP Sessions.

Custom Packet Generator : The Program is able to send packets and come prebuild for main types of packet(IP,ARP,UDP,TCP). Even any packet received can be send with a single click.It also supports fully custom packets.

Save Packets : The Program is able to store packets for later reference.

Network Intrusion Detection System : The Program is able to log packets based on their contents or payload and raise a notification alert with custom messages.

Theme Support : The Program is able to them itself according to Your Favorite colour choice.

Easy Packet Viewing : The Program decodes the packet and presents the results in easy to understand structure.

Interface: All these features are integrated with a easy-to-use and interface. (see screenshots)

Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP


Required Library:

It doest requires Winpcap and Microsoft .NET Redristibutle

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